HR Solution

This solution helps organize the work of the HR department. It allows you to create automated workflows for hiring, onboarding and offboarding, maintain a CV database and easily keep track of your candidates.

Get organized with automated workflows

With this pre-built app you can quickly optimize your most common HR workflows. Streamlined processes that form part of the solution ensure that all tasks are completed on time and nothing is overlooked. Convenient request forms and automated approvals reduce paperwork and speed up decision-making.

Single CV database

Add and store all resumes in one organized CV database. You don’t need to worry that candidate records may get lost. With this solution you have full control over the important information and it is always at your hand.

Easy tracking

With clear statuses it easy to keep track of candidates through every phase of hiring. Managers are always aware of the hiring progress and if there is a hold-up they can quickly solve the issue.


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