Integration of CRM and QuickBPM via API

23 August 2019

The first step that a company takes towards automation is a CRM rollout. It helps the company grow sales and increase production. The next step is to streamline internal processes. The fastest way to do this is to implement a BPM system.

Integration of CRM system and QuickBPM via API

Employees should be able to run in the BPM system the tasks that were created in the CRM system. This approach will let them continuously interact with a customer: from the first contact to the fulfillment of the contract obligations. Valuable customer information will not be lost and the order will be completed successfully. Due to automation, internal processes will be executed quickly and accurately, keeping pace with the sales department.

How to reconcile the two systems?

Integration will make the two systems go like clockwork. Through API, QuickBPM will reach out the processes in the CRM system and assign tasks to the production employees.

Read more about API in the QuickBPM Help Center. It provides a complete description of the methods, query and response parameters.


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