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30 September 2019

QuickBPM News Digest. We’ve released some new cool features: now you can monitor the workload of your team in My department section, conveniently import and export app items, and set up individual notifications for your mobile devices. Read further to find out the details!


My Department section, counter of task and events.

Heads of Departments get a holistic overview of the workload of their team. Next to the name of each department staff member, you will see the number of current and overdue tasks, and scheduled events. Five most recently viewed contacts are displayed at the top - you can quickly contact them and see their current workload.

My Department section


Export and Import of app items.

We’ve added a new feature that allows conveniently exporting and importing app data. For example, upload client database to QuickBPM. How is it done? Just make sure that columns in the xlsx table match the fields in the app. Tips in the interface will help you at every step.

Export and Import of app items


Individual notification settings for the mobile application.

Now you can manage notifications on your mobile devices separately from PC. If messaging in channels or chats becomes too intense, you can turn off such notifications for your mobile and receive only important messages with @mentions. At the same time, in your desktop app you will still see all notification. The following options are available for mobile devices:

  • Notify on new messages
  • Notify on messages with @mentions
  • Do not notify on mobile devices

Individual notification settings for the mobile application


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