New QuickBPM feature - Widgets

6 May 2019

Our latest release includes new widgets that can be used to customize the interface of tasks, apps and pages.

конструктор виджетов elma365

Widgets are used when standard settings are not enough; they allow you to add tabs, columns and panels, information blocks with instructions, and also execute code.

For example, you can add the “Code” widget to the page of the “Finance” workspace and configure it in such a way that it will display the current exchange rates. In a similar way, you can request up and display relevant information from other systems. Suppose a company sells products through an online store. Information about orders made on the site can be displayed in a widget in the “Orders” workspace. A manager will see the statistics on all completed, overdue and current orders, based on which he or she will be able to make timely decisions.

Using widgets, you can arrange information on app or task forms in the most convenient and understandable way. For example, using tabs and panels, you can group related data and divide the form into logical segments. If necessary, you can add text, explanatory instructions, or additional buttons. Thus, it will be easier for the user to find the necessary information on the app page or to correctly perform the task.

More information about widgets can be found in the Help Center:


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