New QuickBPM feature - Calendar

29 April 2019

We have added a new app type to the QuickBPM app builder. It is a Calendar app.

calendar app is QuickBPM

In QuickBPM, a calendar is a convenient tool for planning personal activities and creating events which involve multiple users, for example, department meeting. Once the author of the event has selected the participants, the event will appear in their personal calendars.

It is also possible to create shared calendars. For example, for a company that is not only a product manufacturer, but also provides services for the product installation, it is very important to have a tool for planning customer visits and be able to track technician’s availability. Using the shared calendar “Installation schedule”, a manager can easily find available time slots and schedule installation while communicating with a client. The scheduled event will appear in the technician’s personal calendar. After the work is done, a technician will be able to add detailed information to the event page: comments, files, results.

Since in QuickBPM a calendar is an app, you can create as many shared calendars as you need and customize their interfaces. For example, when you create a Meeting calendar, you might want to add such fields as “Agenda”, “Meeting Results”, and “Minutes of Meeting”. The standard delivery calendar might be modified by adding such fields as “Delivery Address”, “Recipient”, “Recipient’s Contacts”, “Type of Cargo”, etc.

More information about calendars is available in our Help Center


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