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Side Panel Widgets


Using these widgets you can configure the interface of the side panel on the app item form or task form.

For example, add and conveniently arrange information about the app statuses; show tasks related to the app items on the side panel of the app form.

The types of widgets that you can add to the side panel vary depending on the type of form that you configure.


App Item Status

This widget is available only for the view and edit forms of an app item. It displays the current status of the item on the side panel. If users are allowed to change the status manually, they can change the status directly in the widget.


App Item Tasks

This widget is available only on the view and edit forms of an app item. It displays the current tasks associated with the app item.


Document Registration

The Document Registration widget shows the registration number of an app item. Please note that registration is only available for the document type apps. More information about registration can be found in this article.


Side Panel Widgets

This widget is available for all types of app forms (create, view, edit). It allows you to add and arrange other widgets of the panels. When you add this widget, a settings window opens where you need to specify a title.


Once the title is added, it will separate one type of side panel widget from another.