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HTML Widgets


In QuickBPM you have two HTML widgets: Code and Text.

The first is intended to work with HTML code, as well as to execute scripts. The second is used to add and edit text in the visual editor.

Code Widget

The Code widget can be placed both on the form and on the page; it allows you to work with HTML code. For example, you can highlight form elements or display data from QuickBPM and other systems on a page. In addition, with this widget, you can add scripts to a form or page, as well as create dynamic task and app forms. Read more about the Code widget in this article.


Example of using the Code widget on a page  



Text Widget

The Text widget is intended for writing and editing text, making lists, adding tables, images, links, etc. Text is created using the embedded HTML editor.


This widget is useful when it comes to creating instructions or information pages.

Example of using the Text widget on a page