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QuickBPM Widgets


These are the default widgets used on the task and app pages. They allow adding standard QuickBPM elements to the forms.

The Linked item widget is used on task forms and displays the name and the link to the app item related to the task. This is a default widget for the forms of tasks in business processes that are started on the app page.

The Linked tasks widget adds a section to a task form where employees can create subtasks and checklists. This allows breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones or dividing up the work among multiple people

Object Activity Stream widget adds an associated activity stream to the form and displays user conversations related to a task or an app item.

In the associated activity stream, employees can discuss files, tasks, app items directly on the object form. It also stores the entire history of actions with the object.

The Parent task widget is used on the subtask forms to display a link to the parent task.

The Process start date shows the date and the time when a process instance was started.

Using the Task due date widget you can show the task deadline on a form.

The Task progress widget helps the executor specify the task completion percentage for the current moment. It allows task participants to keep track of the task progress.

The image shows standard QuickBPM widgets. Top left - Task progress. In the panel on the right, from top to bottom: Linked item, Linked tasks, Object activity stream.