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Workspace Calendars

The productivity of each employee, department or company as a whole significantly relies on how well the work time is planned. To help you with that, we have designed the Calendar app where users can create, view, and manage events.

How to create a calendar?

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can create workspace calendars.

конец внимание

To create a workspace calendar, go to any workspace and add a new app. Select Event as the app's type, enter a name and select an appropriate icon.

As an example, let's create a calendar for the HR department containing the interview schedule:


Managing a calendar

On the top of the main calendar page you can see the toolbar:


8.png – quickly switch to the current date;

4.png– switch between periods, for example, between months;

9.png– the displayed period: month, week, day;




9.png – select the calendar or timetable view;


7.png – button for creating a new event; if a user tries to plan overlapping events, the system will display a warning message.

12.png –  settings of the 7.png button (its design and the possibility to launch a business process).

In the next articles, you will learn to add events, assign statuses, and export the calendar.