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Widgets on pages

Using widgets, you can display on the page various data, for example, instructions, policies.

In addition, using the Code widget, you can display data from other QuickBPM workplaces or third-party systems.

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can create and configure widgets.

конец внимание

How to add widgets

To add a widget to the page, click on the area + Add Widget.


In the window that opens, select how you want to create a widget:


  • Select from list - this option allows you to add simple widgets to the page. You can choose one of the following widgets: Text, Get Started, Main Page, Log.
  • Create - by selecting this option, you can quickly add a new "Text" widget. This option is convenient for creating instructions and information pages.
  • Widget Builder -  if you choose this option, you will be forwarded to a graphical editor that allows creating pages with a non-standard custom interface. The widget builder contains widgets that cannot be added to the page in any other way. Detailed information on how to work with the widget builder can be found in this article.

How to remove widgets

If you need to replace or remove a widget, click on the gear icon __________.png in the upper right corner of the widget. Select the Delete widget menu item and confirm the deletion.