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Widgets on forms

By using widgets you can change the form of an app item, process task or start event. Widgets are used when standard settings are not enough; they allow you to add new tabs, columns, panels, information blocks with instructions and also execute code.

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can create and configure widgets.

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Adding widgets

To add a widget to a form, switch to the advanced mode and open a form template. All settings are configured in two tabs: Widgets and Properties.

Widget Tab

On this tab, you will find all widgets that can be added to the form. Drag the widget from the right panel or click the link + Widget.


The following widgets can be added to forms in QuickBPM:

Properties Tab

On this tab, you will see the app properties (if you set up an app form) or the context variables of the process (if you configure a task form or a start event).

You can drag properties both to the main area of the form and to the side panel. It is also convenient to place properties inside the element layout widgets.


Removing the widget from the form

To remove a widget, select it on the form and click on the respective icon at the top of the widget.