Getting Started / Files, Messages, Tasks

Files, Messages, Tasks

QuickBPM offers multiple tools for establishing effective communication in the Company. Tasks allow you to improve schedule compliance, Files help to store corporate information and configure granular access permission to sensitive data, Messages keep users informed about important events.


In QuickBPM you can exchange instant messages with your colleagues in a familiar and convenient manner.


In chat rooms, you can share information and files and quickly solve work issues.

To start chatting, open the Messages section.


In the search box at the top of the page, start typing the name of a contact. In the list that opens, select a person you want to chat with.


Chats allow you to talk with colleagues in real time, exchange information and coordinate your work.


Invite multiple colleagues and create a group chat to discuss immediate issues together. To do this, click + icon in the upper right corner of the chat room and, in the window that opens, select new participants.


You can give a name to a group chat. Thus it will be easier to find it in the list of all chats and channels.



Channels are used to establish communication across departments, in project teams, as well as to inform all employees about important events in the life of the company.

To create a new channel, click the gear icon gear icon next to the activity stream and select the Add channel option.

The pop-up window appears:


Enter the new information for the channel:

  • Name: for example, “Marketing” ;
  • User list: channel participants.

Once the data is added, click the Add channel button.


Once internal communication is established, you can configure file storage.  


The File section contains shared folders with files from different departments and personal documents.

We recommend that you start by creating a folder structure. To do this, go to Company Files and in the upper right corner click + Folder. In the window that opens, type the folder name, for example, Company Policies.


Once the folder is created, you can upload files. In the upper right corner click the +File button and select a file you want to upload.  


The uploaded files can be edited if this option is included in your service plan. To do this, open file preview and click Edit. FTM10

The modified file is saved as a new file version.



You can share uploaded files with your colleagues. To do this, on the main page in the left menu, select Tasks. Then in the upper right corner click +Task.


In the pop-up window, create a task.


Fill in the fields:

  • Subject*. Specify task subject, for example, "Review the document";
  • Executor*. The task executor;
  • Due Date*. Enter the task due date. For example, 1 week;
  • Description. Give detailed task description;
  • Files. To attach a file, click + File and select a file;
  • Control. This is the Notify on completion control tool. If you select this option, you will receive an automatic notification once the task is done;
  • Subtasks. You can add subtasks to the main task on the sidebar.

When you have filled in all the fields, click Create task.

The notification on task completion is shown in your Activity Stream and looks like this:


The task can be controlled in other ways. If in the Control field you select the option "Assign a task", then after the executor has completed their work, the system will automatically assign you the task to check the results. If necessary, you can reopen the task.