Getting Started / Inviting colleagues to a company

Inviting colleagues to a company

QuickBPM is not only a system for creating business processes but also a single information space for collaboration of all company employees. Here colleagues can assign tasks to each other, quickly exchange information, store files.

The hierarchy of divisions and jobs in the organization is defined by the organizational chart.

To add the organizational chart, go to Administration> Organizational Chart.


How to invite users

To add people to your Company, send them an invite. Go to Administration> Users and click on the + User button.


In the window that opens, type an email address of anyone you want to add to the company. The remaining data is not required, users may fill in the fields themselves once they accepted your invitation.  


In the list of users, the name of the invited colleague will appear with the Invited status. When a user accepts the invite, his or her status will change to Active.


Invited or Active users can be assigned to job positions. This is only possible if you have created an organizational chart that describes the hierarchy in the company.

Assigning users to job positions

A user can be assigned to a job position when sending an invite or later.  

  • When sending an invite – in the Job Position field select the org chart item. Please note that a user can be assigned to multiple job positions at a time.


  • After sending an invite – To assign an invited or active user to a job position, open a user profile and click Edit.
    In the Job Position field specify the position, for example, "Payroll accountant". Then click Save.