API and SDK / Introduction to Web API

Introduction to Web API

QuickBPM API is a tool for integrating  QuickBPM with third-party systems.

General Information


  • QuickBPM Web API can be accessed using HTTPS protocol by executing POST requests.
  • Requests are authorized with tokens.
  • All data is transmitted only in JSON format.
  • URL — https://{company}.quickbpm.net/pub/v1 or https://{company}.quickbpm.eu/pub/v1.
  • It is possible to request data from any external system.

Read more about the existing function in the Web API article.

Request parametrs

Request parameters are passed:

  • In URL – identifiers.
  • In the request body - API methods.

In the request body, specify the data in JSON format.

Read more about the existing function in the Web API article.

Authorization with token

  • A token is passed in the header of the HTTP-request.

начало примера

"X-Token": "4bece94a-d372-404f-a4be-fb159019d9e0",

конец примера

  • An individual token is created for a user and all the requests are executed under the user's account.

Requests to API are authorized with a token.

Testing requests

In QuickBPM, you can test your requests.

To do this, click the gear icon __________.png next to the App name and select API.


In the window that opens, select a method and go to the Test tab. Then enter the request body and click the Send button.


You will see the response next to the request body.


To find out more about existing functions, read in the Web API article.