Getting Started / Downloading a workspace from QuickStore

Downloading a workspace from QuickStore

QuickStore is a catalog of free business solutions. Order Management, Customer Service, Deal management, Contracts and much more – by using pre-built QuickStore apps you can quickly automate the work of your company.

How to download an app from QuickStore

To download an app, on the system main page, in the left menu click the Add Workspace button.


In the window that opens, select the Download option.


You will be redirected to the QuickStore catalog. Select a component you want to download.


The component page contains a description of the workspace and apps. To start downloading a component to your Company, click the Install package button.


The Workspace Import window will open. It shows the name, the URL and the workspace description.


At the next step, configure workspace initial settings. Assign users to roles or add them to groups or you can do it later. To proceed to the next step, click Install.


Now you can start using the workspace.  For example, add new CVs, create new openings, etc.


In the upper right corner of the page, you can select item view: tiles, list, kanban board.


To see the pre-configured business processes included in the solution, click on the gear icon next to the item in the left menu and select Business processes in the drop-down list.