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Send document/app item

00.pngThe Send document/app item graphical element is used in a process when process participants have to familiarize themselves with a file, document or an app item. The users see a message containing a link to the object that they have to view or read. After that, a list of informed users is created on the object's page.

Say, the CCO develops a sales plan which is then approved by the CEO and sent to the sales reps for reading. The sales reps receive a message that contains a link to the sales plan. Once a sales rep reads the message, he or she is added to the list of informed users.


This operation does not suspend the process. The workflow will go to the next step regardless of whether all the participants have been familiarized with the file or app item, or not.

To open the element's settings, double-click on its shape on the process diagram.

начало внимание

Before configuring the settings, make sure that the process context contains a variable for storing the object that the users will have to view or read.

конец внимание

General tab


  • Name*– enter the text that will be shown on the process diagram.
  • Message subject*– enter a brief and informative subject. It will be used as the title for the message shown to users in their activity stream. To include context variables into the subject, click on the {+} symbol in the right corner of the field.
  • Message body – here you need to specify all the information that you want the employees to see. Also, you can use context variables to, for example, add a comment of a process participant. To include a variable, click on the {+} symbol in the right corner of the field.
  • Item to send – select the context variable to store the file, document or app item that you want the users to view or read.

Recipients tab

On the Recipients tab, specify the users who must get familiarized with the object.


By default, the message is sent to all the users who belong to the swimlane where the graphical element is placed. If you want to select other users as recipients, click Add.


  • Current user – executor of the swimlane where the graphical element is placed;
  • Context variable – you can define the recipient by using a process context variable of the User type ;
  • Group – the message will be sent to a specific user group;
  • Org chart item – you can define the recipient by specifying an org chart item.

Informed users

Once users receive the message with a link to the file, document, or app item that they have to view or read, a list containing all informed users appears on the file's/document's/app item's page. It shows all the users who read the message and the time when they did it.


Until the message is read, a question mark will be displayed next to the user's name. After the user reads the message, the question mark will be replaced with a checkmark.

If the document is modified in some way, for example, the text or the status is changed, the sheet listing informed users is archived. You can always view the archived sheets by clicking on the All sheets link on the right pane.