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Workspace Business Processes

Workspace business processes describe the logic of the workspace and can connect several apps in it. For example, you can create an order handling business process in a Customer Management workspace, which will include two apps: Clients and Contracts.

If a workspace business process does not have links to business processes and apps in other workspaces, you can export it to a file or to QuickBPM.

Modeling workspace business processes is similar to modeling global processes.

How to start modeling?

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can model, configure and edit business processes.

конец внимание

Click __________.png next to a workspace name and select Business Processes.


The page with the list of the workspace business processes will open.

To create a new business process click +Process.


In the opened window, fill in the fields:


  • Name - enter a name that will be displayed in the list of workspace business processes.
  • Code - used for working with API. This field is filled in automatically, but you can edit the value if necessary.
  • Parent category - specify, to which category the business process will be added. To create a new category, go to the business process list page and click + Folder.

After filling in the fields, click Create.

The business process modeling page will open. To learn more about modeling business processes, see this article.


To start a published business process, click 3_.PNG in the top left corner of a page. In the appeared menu, click Start Business Process. Select a workspace and then a business process.


A business process, created in a workspace, can be renamed, moved, or copied to another workspace.

To do so, open the list of workspace business processes and click on the three horizontal dots in the field with the process name and choose an action.