System Settings / Users 


You can manage users in Administration > Users. Here you can invite users to your company, block access to the portal, assign to job positions, add to groups and restore passwords.

начало внимание

Only users added to the Administrators group can perform all the above actions.

конец внимание  

The user list displays active and invited users. To view the locked users and users with canceled invites, please use the advanced search.

How to invite a new user

To add a new user to your company, send him or her an invite via email. To do this, go to Administration> Users and in the upper right corner click on the + User button.


A User Invite form will open.


Fill out the following information:

  • Email address - specify the email address of the person whom you want to invite.
  • Full name - specify the first and the last name of the person.
  • Mobile phone - enter the employee's mobile phone number.
  • Work phone - enter the employee’s work phone number.
  • Date of Birth - enter the date of birth of the employee.
  • Hire date - select the day when the employee is hired.
  • Time Zone - the default time zone of the company.
  • Job Position - assign the employee to the job position, if you have already created the organizational chart of the company.
  • Groups - include the employee to the groups.
  • Photo - upload an employee's photo.

Only the Email address field is required.

After all the data is entered, click on the Send invite button. A message will be sent to the specified e-mail, and the name of the employee will appear in the Users list with the Invited status.

When the user accepts the invitation and is authorized in the system, his or her status will change to Active.


Resending invite

If necessary, you can resend the invite. To do this, open the user profile and click on the Resend Invite button.


Canceling invite

If necessary, you can cancel the invite. To do this, open the user profile and click on the Cancel Invite button.


Accepting invite

Once the user has accepted the invite, he or she will have to fill in the form where they need to specify the initial data for the account.


When a user clicks the Next button, he or she logs in to QuickBPM and may start working on the company’s portal right away.

How to lock users

If for any reason an employee terminates his/her job contract with a company, their access to corporate information and documents should be limited. To do this, go to Administration> Users. Select the employee you want to lock and in his or her profile click the Lock button.

Please note, you can only lock active users.


Once this is done, the employee's status will change to Locked and he or she will not be able to sign in to the company. Locked users are not displayed in the user list and can only be viewed through search.

How to unlock users

If you need to restore access to the system, go to the user profile and click Unlock.


The user will be able to log in to the company’s portal using his or her credentials.

Password recovery

If a user forgets the password or cannot log in to the company portal, they can ask the Administrator to restore their passwords.

Open the user profile and click Recover password. A password recovery link will be sent to the specified email address.


Clicking on the link, the user will be able to enter a new password and save it.

How to edit user profile

If you need to add or edit the employee's information, for example, change the job position, go to the Administration> Users page. Select the employee, and in his or her profile, click Edit.


Make all the necessary changes on the page that opens, and then click on the Save button.