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Organizational Chart

An organizational chart defines the hierarchy of divisions and jobs in the organization. It determines how the roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated.

Modeling an organizational chart is one of the first steps in setting up QuickBPM.


How is the org chart used?

In QuickBPM, the organizational chart reflects the real structure of your company. According to the organizational chart, roles are assigned to participants of the business processes.  It is also used to assign access permissions to various sections of the system.


Modeling org chart

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Only users included in the Administrators group can create or edit the organizational chart.

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To start modeling, go to Administration> Org Chart.

By default, the head element is added to the organizational chart page.


To add a new item, move the mouse over an existing item and click on one of the icons that appear near.


Org chart items

Organizational chart items are used to describe the hierarchy in the company. In QuickBPM there are three types of items: job position, group, and department.


Job position. You can select only one employee for a job position. Examples of  job positions: director, chief accountant, secretary, etc.;


Group. Defines a group of users with common job responsibilities.


Department. Consists of an unlimited number of employees and one department head. Inside the department, you can create groups of employees and individual job positions.

To add job positions and groups to a department, click on its name or on the Expand button.


If you want to rename, move or delete an item of the organizational chart, move the cursor over its shape and select the action you want to perform.


To move an item, select the job positions that stands higher in the organizational hierarchy.  


Saving org chart

To apply changes and make the org chart available for use, you need to save it. To do this, click the Save button on the top panel of the page.

Assigning users to job positions

After creating and saving the organizational chart, you can assign users to job positions. To do this, go to Administration> Users. Select a user and click on the Edit button. In the Job Position field, select a position from the organizational chart.


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  • You can assign the same user to several job positions.
  • Only one user can be assigned to a single job position.

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Changing org chart

If you want to edit the organizational chart, go to the Organizational chart page, make changes and click the Save button. The changes will be immediately applied.