Cloud Document Management

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Workflows for documents

QuickBPM easily solves typical document
management tasks.

Electronic invoice approval

QuickBPM provides storage, registration and quick search of documents in the cloud. Set up invoice approval workflows and monitor statuses of each document.

Electronic invoice approval

Employee requests

Employees easily plan their business trips, and submit requests for IT assets in QuickBPM. The system automates request approval and makes the whole procedure transparent.

Служебные записки

Mail Handling

QuickBM helps handle mail in a company: capture, record and dispatch outgoing and incoming correspondence. All mail is linked to your client database which keeps things well organized.

Mail Handling

Contract Management

QuickBPM makes sure your contracts are stored securely. The system enables quick document search, recording of additional agreements and sign-offs. Set up document routs to properly perform all stages of the contract lifecycle.

Contract Management

Exclusively in QuickBPM

Flexible document management settings

New features for managing electronic documents.

Custom document forms

Document forms are easily adaptable. Create custom
forms and change document attributes using
drag-and-drop technology.

Настройка карточки документа

Document routing processes

Create workflow diagrams that visually represent your document management processes. Thus you will describe every process step and determine its participants.

Document routing processes

Schedule compliance

QuickBPM automatically assigns tasks to users at the appropriate process step in accordance with the diagram. You can set up task deadlines and initiate an escalation if the work isn't completed on time.

Schedule compliance

Access to documents

Set up granular access permissions for viewing, editing,
and deleting documents depending on the employee role
in the company.

Access to files

Pre-built apps

Download free business apps from QuickStore. These solutions include ready-to-use workflows for document management and pre-configured web forms. All apps are fully customizable and adaptable to the specifics of your business.

Pre-built apps

Collaboration tools

QuickBPM offers tools for efficient communication between employees,
assign and perform tasks related to documents.

  • Corporate messenger

    Activity stream, group chats and private messages.

  • Task management

    Simple task tracking.
    All your tasks are displayed
    in one central place.

  • Mobile and desktop apps

    Fully-featured mobile applications
    for iOS and Android. QuickBPM
    desktop app.

  • Quick start

    All you need for work is your browser.
    No additional components required.

  • API

    QuickBPM can be integrated with
    other IT systems adopted in your company.


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