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Spend less time controlling projects

QuickBPM ensures that every project stage is performed as planned and provides you with a real-time view of the project performance.

Электронное согласование счетов в QuickBPM

Set an accurate budget

No more unplanned costs and budget overrun. Your team sticks to the cost plan at all stages, meets the deadlines and delivers on budget.

Служебные записки

Deliver on time

Track construction activities and be prepared for what-ifs. QuickBPM helps you timely react to anomalies and deliver within the scope and on time.

Электронная канцелярия

Keep all project documents in one workspace

All correspondence, purchase orders, and contracts relevant to the project are securely stored in QuickBPM. Approvals come quicker and easier, so you can operate much more efficiently than before.

Электронная канцелярия

Prevent delays

Manage schedule and resources, connect with workers and subcontractors to keep the construction process on the right track. Effectively meet the project deadlines form the beginning to the final handover.

Электронная канцелярия

How it works

You create a workflow diagram that represents the order handling process.
QuickBPM controls every step of the process.

Create order processing workflow

In QuickBPM, flowcharts are built as BPMN 2.0 diagrams. All diagram elements are easy-to-read and describe process activities and participants.

task form

Set up deadlines and rules

The forms of the tasks can be customized. Specify what data will be sent to the executors, which fields will be required or not, and when the task needs to be completed.

document routs

Improve processes on the go

Workflows created in QuickBPM can be modified and improved at any time. They evolve with your business. Add new tasks, change their order, optimize the flow whenever you need.

schedule compliance

Collaboration tools

Along with workflow automation features
QucikBPM provides handy tools for efficient teamwork.

  • Corporate messenger

    Share information with co-workers through activity stream, group chats and private messages.

  • Task management

    Simple task tracking. All your tasks are displayed in one central place.

  • File storage

    Secure file storage and sharing. Role-based access permissions.

  • Mobile apps

    Fully-featured mobile applications for iOS and Android.

  • Quick start

    All you need for work is your browser. No additional components required.


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