App Builder

An app contains customizable forms and workflows. It takes very little time to create and improve an app. This is important, because an IT system should grow with the business, constantly adjusting to its changing needs.

Advanced form settings

If the standard form editor capabilities do not suffice, you can switch to the advanced mode and create the most sophisticated forms that will meet your specific requirements.

On mobile devices

If you use the standard tools for customizing forms, then your apps will immediately work on mobile devices without additional settings.

Access permissions

You can flexibly configure access permissions to app items that store important information in the system.

App types

Currently QuickBPM supports 3 types of apps: Standard apps, Calendar and Documents. The Document type has additional settings and special default forms.


Each custom app can be accessed through the standard API. To ensure security, access to the API is protected by tokens and the system role model.


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