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What are you aiming at: making a deal or making your customer happy? If customer satisfaction is your priority, you know that the real work starts once the product is sold. Create workflows for the sales cycle, production and services and get the whole company behind sales.


From the first contact with a prospect it is important to collect and store information, keep a client contact history and carefully follow all the necessary steps to close a deal.

Companies continually refine the way they communicate with the customers and maintain company policies that reflect the best practices.

With QuickBPM you will create automated  sales workflows  that will follow the way your  company works.  It will speed up routine operations and ensure an easy and quick start for new team members.

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When you close a deal, you make a promise to your customer to deliver on time and to the highest standard.

To keep this promise, the deadlines should be met; information should be shared across departments; and the progress should be carefully monitored. All of this eventually contributes to higher customer satisfaction.

Implement this approach by creating end-to-end processes to ensure seamless  collaboration between   sales and production  departments. Reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost company profit.

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Customer Service

The best customer is a loyal one.

To make your customers return, make sure they have a qualified support along the customer journey. This can be achieved by automating points of contact at which people interact with your customer service.

Automated processes will help respond to feedback quicker, monitor the quality  of the provided service, and account service and warranty costs.

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Internal processes

As a rule, internal processes do not generate profit. The less time you spend on them, the better.

With QuickBPM, requesting a sick leave, on-boarding a new hire, approving a business trip, or routing a memo become organized and take less time.

Besides, the instant messenger, private and shared calendars and file storage create a single information space for efficient teamwork.

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QuickBPM evolves with your company and can be adapted to changing business environment
Automated workflows
When you create an automated workflow, you assign particular roles to process participants. Every person involved knows exactly what task they need to accomplish and the whole process becomes transparent and organized
Low-code tool
Because there is no need to explicitly code, solution development is much quicker. Business processes and forms are created in a visual drag-and-drop interface.

Activity stream, chats

Private channels, instant messenger, group chats

Task management

Workload monitoring,
Task progress tracking


Personal and shared calendars Google and OutLook Calendars Integration

Single file storage

Secure file storage and sharing Multiple file formats supported

Access permissions

Flexible access permissions to documents and system objects

Mobile apps

Fully-featured mobile applications for iOS and Android

Low-code platform

Graphical development tool with minimal coding efforts


REST API to access system
objects and set up integrations


Catalog of adaptable
ready-to-use solutions
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Stay on top of things even when out of office.
With instant push notifications you won’t miss a thing.

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